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The key to a long-lasting relationship is something every online quiz, leadership workshop, and BFF claim to have. But it's right in front of us: knowing what we're getting into and accepting each other for who we are. This simple truth is behind an award-winning campaign to promote the issue of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Honesty - Rolling Stone Magazine
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The popularity of John Lennon was almost unparalleled. So much so that he was comparing himself to Jesus at the time. To promote his limited edition by Rolling Stone magazine, we chose to highlight that fact:
he was admired by all, even by the man who killed him.


The man in this limited edition released by Rolling Stone was more than a man. In fact, his career and personal life were so far apart one could think there were two of him.

"The wait"

Right after the final show of a tour, rock icon Gustavo Cerati had a stroke that left him in a coma for several years. Below is my tribute to this trailblazing artist, which was published by Rolling Stone Magazine the day after he finally passed away. 

The headline reads "Four years waiting for him to return, just to realize he would never leave."


Challenging "untouchable" rules, refusing to wear what everyone tells him to wear, advocating for free love and –more often than not– pissing a lot of people off... while this may sound like a typical rockstar's behavior, this issue of Rolling Stone Magazine talked about quite a different character: Pope Francis. Perhaps the only Pope who managed to make people feel close to a Pope.

Closeness - Rolling Stone Magazine
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A series of OOH, print and social ads promoting special collectors editions by the magazine (called bookazines). 


There are millions of bands that play songs as good as theirs.
We call them covers.

Back translation:

Get into the minds of those who got into yours. 

Rolling Stone Bookazine. The very best of a magazine turned into a book.