Verizon Wireless
"Laundry Shop"

The ask was to promote Verizon Prepaid during the holidays, a time when more than ever all you need is love... though love can sometimes come in the form of an awesome prepaid with HD streaming and
Always-on Data for just $50 per month.​

Consumer Stories  
(Academy Award first-timer)

It's not every day that you get to say that one of your commercials is airing during the Oscars. Let alone two. There hasn't been a day in history when anyone has said their spots were airing during the Oscars in Spanish and without subtitles. Proud to say that in these testimonials to humanize the brand, we did.


Verizon was perceived as a superior brand, but people didn't think a difference in network was worth the difference in price or the hassle of switching. So the aim of this campaign was to highlight those moments when having the right network can make all the difference in the world. 

And in this particular spot we also needed to highlight that it's the best network for streaming, so we reached out directly to the growing Hispanic audience in the United States by tapping into an everyday truth for them: sharing everything with the family is a must (and in most cases, that means connecting with relatives abroad).