"For everyone"

“For everyone¨ was born twice from two very different crises: Argentina's 2001 economic depression and the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, both finding a way to share a message of optimism, simply and beautifully, through packaging alone.

"For everyone" (Meals)

This spot launched at a time when we were all going through the same, yet at the same time, each one of us was experiencing the early stages of a new reality in a different way: some were scared, some were hopeful, some were at home sharing every meal as a family and others were nowhere near their own, longing to reunite. Resignifying one of the most iconic commercials in Coca-Cola's history, the brand represented, accompanied, and paid tribute to everyone hoping to feel once again what being together around the table had always felt like. 

"For everyone" (Father's Day)

While 2020 saw a father's day like no other, Coca-Cola still found a way and reasons enough to celebrate with all of them.