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"The most inclusive Christmas of all"

Picture a Christmas dinner and you’re most likely to think of grandparents, teenage cousins, uncles, kids running around, a toddler or two… sometimes even people from different religions get together around the table. And streets everywhere in December are filled with string lights and red/green decorations. So, if the celebration is this inclusive... isn't it about time its icons were too? 

With an OLV, social media posts and activations (including an Instagram filter that turns users into a lookalike cookie!), this campaign invites people to start a new tradition by representing everyone who makes this celebration as special as the treats we share. 

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"Gluten-free... never taste-free"

We know ‘‘gluten-free’’ doesn’t come to mind easily when we think of the most delicious food. But Schär's are mouthwatering products, so we felt it was time to bring equality into the world of meals by getting rid of the bad (taste) rep of gluten-free.

So we set out to prove that when it’s
the right gluten-free food, it deserves all the WOWs, the YUMMs, the OH!s, the pleasure and praise any other food does. 

With the help of social listening and foodie influencers, we created targeted content for negative comments (one by one). Then we took over the brand's feed with the most appetizing ASMR videos and photos. And, lastly, we tackled the ultimate test: getting the harshest critics to actually try our food themselves completely free of bias.