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Energy where it has to be

YPF Luz is a fairly young brand in the process of making a name for itself. Problem is understanding how electrical power comes to be and ends up in our hands –or business’ hands– is not that simple. So, to reposition the brand, the campaign relies on something we can all easily grasp: this is the power with which sketchbooks are made, schools and hospitals function, factories and workshops produce, businesses open, places stay safe at night… in other words, and including their sustainable policies, the energy of YPF Luz is exactly where it has to be.

¨Generation¨ (TVC)

In the following spots, powerful visuals literalize the ¨generation¨ of everything that is enabled and comes to life when electrical power does, while introducing the brand’s new tagline.

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¨Generation¨ (Social Media)

Seizing the different format opportunities that online ads grant, cinemagraphs were created to further illustrate that what matters most isn't the power generated by YPF Luz, but what becomes possible because of it, focusing on energy that's in the right place.