Dadá 391

It is from the transgression of the dadaist paradigm that this campaign’s spots are born, proving that there's no discomfort capable of disturbing the unparalleled sensation of enjoying a glass of Art Malbec or Art Cabernet Sauvignon 391. Nothing. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing at all. Or is there?


Finca las Moras was launching Love, a new wine whose mere name makes us reminisce on countless romantic moments, sunsets and text messages at 6.15, 6.17 and 6.18 pm. But when we were asked to create its campaign, we thought of a different kind of love. The one that’s not about someone else, but ourselves. An attitude, a way of facing life. It’s that love, that drive, what challenges us to try new things and redefine them, by making them our own.


It's not every day that you get to say one of your commercials is airing during the Oscars. Let alone two. In fact, there hasn't been a day in history when anyone has said their spots were airing during the Oscars, in Spanish and without subtitles. Proud to say that in these real-people testimonials to humanize the brand, we did both.

The community needed to create a campaign to promote Verizon Prepaid during the holidays. A time when more than ever all you need is love...though love can sometimes come in the form of an awesome prepaid with HD streaming and Always-on Data for just $45 per month.


People perceived Verizon as a somewhat distant yet superior brand, but didn't think a difference in network was worth the difference in price or the hassle of switching. So this campaign highlights the moments when having the right network makes all the difference in the world.


Since early 2017, Thomas Middleditch has brought the brand closer to people and these moments to life. But there’s one thing that he hadn’t encountered until now: Spanish speakers. This spot builds on the same strategy and message, but reaches out directly to the growing Hispanic audience in the United States.

Streaming is a huge part of every bicultural millennial family. They stream twice as much: reggaeton and hip hop, football and fútbol, follow celebs from where they live and where they were born. But the connection between streaming and the invisible network that their devices run on is not fully valued. 


Verizon needed to announce that they are officially the best network for streaming. So in this spot, Luis Gerardo Mendez partners once again with Thomas Middleditch to help a family share a once-in-a-lifetime moment with their loved ones.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: footage provided by the lead agency and clients. My role and the challenge was to create a narration capable of resignifying these images to make them appealing to the Hispanic audience.

"The dream"

BMW wanted to deliver a relevant message for 1st and 2nd generation Hispanics living in the U.S. So the spot highlights how they may come from a long line of tradition, but now they're starting a new one, different from anyone else's. This is their own path. 


The X2 is different. It’s the newest model, has a sportier design. It makes its own rules. And perhaps that’s the quality that makes both this car and Hispanics so adaptable to any circumstance. Casual/elegant, foreign/local... doesn’t matter. They fit in seamlessly in every situation.

SCRIPT: You have what it takes to adapt to any environment, challenge or language. You're not from here nor there. You belong everywhere. Just like your BMW X2. BMW, the ultimate driving machine.

"Summer on"

Hispanic means loud. Hispanic means proud. Hispanic means diverse. Hispanic means cheerful. Hispanic means friendly. Hispanic means confident. Hispanic means resilient. Hispanic means a lot more than a nationality. And just like there’s not just a single way to describe who they are, there isn't one way to describe their summer. Because, for them, it’s a lot more than a season.


The goal was to communicate Yoplait is the perfect choice for Hispanic moms. Since it's fresh, healthy, easy and delicious, the thought behind the campaign is Yoplait plays by the rules so they don't have to. Moms can give Yoplait to their kids or let them have it anytime, anywhere, and more than once, why not? These moms have their own way of doing things and, lucky for them, so does Yoplait. 


Nolita is the ideal wine to share with friends. But not just any friends. Those two, three people. Four at most. And what better than Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel ¨Little Women¨ to honor true sisterhood?